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Exhiti FAQ's


How do I set my country?

To set your country you need an account on Tibia ML, so register first. After you created an account and confirmed your e-mail address add your character to your account. Your country will be automatically added to your characters based on your IP-address. To see your country and disable others from seeing it, edit your preferences.

I registered, added my character and set my country but it is not showing!

It can take up to 10 days before your country will show. We check for updates every hour but due to the large volume of characters we can't check all characters every hour. In the future we're planning on working on a hard push to reset your character querying.

How do I hide my country from others?

To disable the country flag next to your character edit your preferences on Tibia ML.

Why is my country wrong?

We use the registry assignments provided by the registrars. However discrepancies creep in especially in cases of large multinational companies who have their base of operation on one country and satellite offices in other countries. Typically what happens is that a company based in say, the United States, also has a branch in Africa or Asia.

In many cases, when the company is assigned a new block of IP addresses these will reflect the correct country (countries in Africa or Asia for example). However, sometimes the location of the parent company is used - USA for example. This leads to an anomaly, where looking up the IP you know to be in one country appears to be somewhere else.

This is especially true of companies like AOL, Verizon, Sprint, Telefonica and others who do not operate only in one country. We have found IPs for both AOL and Verizon for example which are outside the US but show as originating in the US which is obviously not correct.

Although this only represents a tiny fraction of a percent, this is something that should be kept in mind.

What do I do if my country is wrong?

At this time you can't do anything but we're working on something to cover this.

What if I'm using IPv6?

We currently do not have any support for IPv6 for our country flags. Again this is something we're looking into so we can cover this in the future.

What happens if I'm using a Proxy?

If you're using a proxy to add characters to your account the script will save the country from the proxy and not your real country so avoid using proxies when assigning your characters.

Cron jobs

Who updates the statistics daily?

All statistics are updated automatically by a cron job.

What is a cron job?

From Wikipedia: Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. The name cron comes from the word chronograph (a time-piece). Cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to run automatically at a certain time or date. It is commonly used to automate system maintenance or administration, though its general-purpose nature means that it can be used for other purposes, such as connecting to the Internet and downloading email.

When do we update our statistics?

Please check our sheet below for more details about when we run which cron.

Is the news posted automatically?

Partially yes. We believe that we should automate something that a computer can do as good as a human being to ensure that it is always updated in time with as little interruption as possible.


What is Exhiti?

As our homepage states we're a statistics site which tracks and charts all characters in the top 300 experience of every game world in Tibia. Recently we also added other skills to our website and we'll expand this further in the near future. We try to bring these statistics on a clear and user friendly way with nice tables giving you a good overview that's easy to understand. Also important for us is that you can load all our statistics fast in a browser of your choice.

How are we related to Tibia ML?

We're basically the same then Tibia ML, the same people are behind this site and etc. Reason we decided to isolate this site and let it function on it's own is the interference both sections would have when running on one server and one domain and one is in trouble. Exhiti is on a different server so it will not interfere with Tibia ML and the other way around won't suffer any problems Tibia ML is having.

How do I contact you?

To contact us, please check our contact page of Tibia ML.

Known errors

Incomplete skill statistics

Sometimes our cron to fetch the skills from tibia.com can't load the page because the official websites gets timed out and therefor some characters might not be in the highscores. We're trying to write a fix for this a.s.a.p.